Sport Camp Golden Sands

The sports complex is intended for sports training, quick physical recovery and improvement of the overall physical condition. The active rest and workouts in increase the results and athletic achievements of all athletes.

The sports complex is situated in Golden Sands Resort – the city of Varna, between Kabakum area and Riviera complex. The area has an exclusive panorama to the Black Sea.

The complex is located on 63 000 sq. m. The modernization of the complex was made in accordance with the requirements for accessible environment, vertical and horizontal platforms for disadvantaged people, special ramps and lifts were provided.

Prestigeous events, training sessions and camps are held at the base and facilities are used to prepare elite athletes.


  • To Varna, centre – 16 km.
  • To Golden Sands, centre – 2,6 km.
  • Varna Airport – 25 km.
  • Aladzha monastery – 4 km.
  • Rock phenomenon Pobiti kamani, Location: 18 km north of the city of Varna

The climate in the area is entirely influenced by the Black Sea – here the summer is warm with many sunny days and no rainfall, the spring is cool and the autumn is longer and warmer due to the slower cooling of the sea water. Winter is characterized by a thin snow cover which usually lasts for about 2 to 4 weeks, but during the season sometimes strong winds are observed.

Average monthly temperatures: Average winter temperatures are within the range -2° to 5°С.

The summer is dry and moderately warm, with plenty of sunshine. It is characterized by breeze winds, which originate from the open sea. Average monthly temperatures during the summer season from 25°С to 30°С. The sea water temperature reaches up to 25°С – 28°С. The rainfall in Varna region is weak for the country, on average 30-32 l / m2 per month.

Air humidity – the average monthly air humidity in the area does not fall below 70%, and it is higher for the winter months, but it rarely exceeds 80%.

Wind speed – the average annual wind speed is 3 m/sec.

Year of site completion: 1966.
Operating period: All year
Parking lot: 70-80 parking spaces for cars + parking lot for buses and vans with 15-20 parking spaces;

In the sports complex have trained all Bulgarian medalists for weightlifting, rhythmic gymnastics, basketball.

Prestigeous events, training sessions and camps are held at the sports complex and the facilities are used to prepare elite athletes.


Sports facilities

Swimming pool:

The swimming pool has 5 corridors, each of them is 25 meters long and 2.5 meters wide, with depths from 2.00 to 2.50 meters. Air-conditioning and ventilation systems, overflows, dressing rooms and showers for the trainees. The indoor swimming pool also has stands with a total of 231 seats. The pool building is functionally connected to the hotel area by a covered walkway.

  • Swimming, synchronized swimming, water polo
  • The swimming pool meets the requirements of the International Swimming Federation for 25m long swimming pools.


  • Outdoor stadium
  • Dimensions:105-68 playground/113-78 external dimensions, grassland
  • Artificial grass
  • Lighting for evening events
  • Stands – to be constructed
  • Football, handball, field hockey, football in small loopholes, futsal

Athletics track:

  •  4 corridors
  •  Tartan track
  •  Length of the inner corridor is 400 m.
  •  The fourth corridor is 130m.

Hall 1:

  • Dimensions: 30m/18m/7 m –height
  • Air conditioners
  • Ventilation system
  • Dressing rooms with showers, sanitary units, cabinets – 2 pc.
  • It is to be equipped with flooring and sports facilities

Hall 2:

  • Dimensions: 30m length/18m width/9m height
  • Air conditioners
  • Ventilation system
  • Dressing rooms with showers, sanitary units, cabinets – 2 pc.
  • It is to be equipped with flooring and sports facilities
  • Coaching rooms – 2

Hall 3:

  • Dimensions: 42m./24/ 13m –height
  • Air conditioning system
  • Ventilation system
  • Dressing rooms with showers, sanitary units, cabinets – 2 pc.
  • It is to be equipped with flooring and sports facilities
  • Suitable for all types of sports and multifunctional, used for training and gymnasium training, for e.g: volleyball, artistic gymnastics, basketball, handball, futsal and others.

Tennis court 1 green

  •  Dimensions: 23,75/10,90m.- playground, external dimensions 31,75/38,50
  •  Flooring: Agril nitrile polymer
  •  Stands: to be constructed

Tennis court 2, 3 and 4 – red

  • Dimensions: 23,75/10,90- playground
  • Flooring: Geopolymer
  • Stands: no

Outdoor swimming pool:

It is located in the northeastern part of the complex. Built on two levels, the water from the upper level flows to the lower one creating the effect of an “infinite” pool facing the unique view of the Black Sea.

  • Dimensions: from 130 to 97 cm., from 90 to 75, and from 75 to 55 cm.
  • A pool bar is to be constructed near the outdoor pool in order to form a complete entertainment and recreation area.

Running route

  • It follows the natural landscape
  • It is 737m long and 1,5m wide.

Additional amenities:

  • Hall for general physical training: to be constructed
  • Rehabilitation center: to be constructed
  • Medical service: 2 doctors’ offices, furnished and equipped for renting.
  • Sauna
  • Gym
  • Massage tables: 2 in the massage room
  • Underwater massage bathtub
  • Others


The hotel is a three-star hotel

  • 27 double rooms with a view of the sea
  • 45 double rooms with a view of the park
  • 9 rooms adapted and equipped for disadvantaged people
  • 7 Apartments with a bedroom and a living room
  • 1 Studio apartment (with a kitchen)
  • 1 Apartment, a study with a bedroom
  • 8 Bedrooms with a view of the sea

The rooms are equipped with air conditioning, mini bar, TV, telephone, cable TV and internet.

Conference rooms: 2.

One of the conference rooms has 60 seats. The second conference room has 25- 28 seats, and bоаrdrооm meeting room style. They are equipped with multimedia, overhead projector, DVD, TV.



  • Restaurant: a three-star restaurant with 200 seats, 100 seats in the open.
  • Lobby bar – a three-star rating, with 50 seats