You will see the incredible sporting and acrobatic skills of our dolphins – high jumps, double flips, triple axle. They will sing to you, dance rock n’ roll and waltz. You’ll see how they save a man in the water.
Get ready to lose your breath of emotions and joy. And remember – dolphins love the applause of the audience!

Swimming with the dolphins
Close contact with dolphins in the small pool of Dolphinarium Varna. You will be in the role of a trainer and the dolphin will perform with you some of the most attractive tricks from the Dolphin show. This experience is only available from April to November.

Don’t miss to get closer to our seals too. After each Dolphin show, these cute and cheerful creatures will be meet you in the foyer and take photos with you. And if they are in the mood, they will give you a kiss on the cheek.